The Salad King

The first time we met Jay was when he came along to our “Welcome Mike to London” BBQ in Streatham in 2009. We can remember him chatting away to everyone confidently and his big beaming friendly smile. After he left people were commenting on how nice he was and even from that point we felt proud to call him our friend. He had brought a salad along and for some reason we can remember clearly him leaving his salad bowl behind. This became pertinent as during the many happy DVD club dinners to follow Jay became somewhat known as the “Salad King”. He’d always create the most innovative salads bursting with flavour which far outshone our standard lettuce and tomato ensemble. To us this seemed to be Jay though, in everything he did he put passion and creativity – always striving for the best. We later too left our salad bowl at Jay and Liv’s place one evening – secretly hoping it would be returned one day filled with one of Jay’s flavoursome salads.

Another thing we always admired about Jay was how he was constantly expanding his mind with knowledge and our minds along with it as he enthusiastically shared his facts/stories with us. He was someone we respected deeply and spoke of in such high regard. We miss his beaming smile and infectious laugh that seemed to fill the room whenever he entered.

Louise Tite