Working with Jay at Nutopia TV

Working with Jay as his fellow associate producer at Nutopia on a National Geographic Channel series – a history of the 1990’s. We both seek out contributors and stories for the series, and I am regularly impressed by his dedication in finding key contributors, spending long and often anti-social hours chasing Americans over the phone on stories like the Waco tragedy or the Oklahoma bombing. We both share plans about how to become producers in the coming 12 months and Jay’s quiet determination stands him in good stead as he carves out time in the edit suite to produce some of the stories for the series.

Despite the occasionally onerous workload, Jay is rarely stressed and his relaxed good humour is always in evidence. We all have a wee chuckle with Jay as he wears his woollen beanie hat in the office even in summer. To be fair he and I are right under an air-con unit and it is bloody freezing.

During this time Jay gets married, and often talks with open and inspiring love for Olivia his new wife and their plans for the future. It is both humbling and challenging (in the best sense) to be around such positivity. We also discover several mutual friends and professional connections, as well as a shared love of similar music. I often wonder that I had not met Jay before. I resolve to get him and Olivia round for dinner but never get round to it much to my deep, deep regret.

Calum Walker