He stood out in a working world

I first met Jay back in when I was working for the BBC World Service Trust at Bush House and Jay was doing occasional freelance work for Trust projects in Africa. Jay would come into the open plan office and have to look around for a spare desk to work at.

I’ll always remember his warm smile and quiet, relaxed presence in the room. It felt like an unexpected treat when he came in and I’d always eagerly leave my desk and go across and talk to him. Jay was like that: somebody who draws others to him. I think it’s because he stood out in a working world where words like kind, gentle, thoughtful, considerate, don’t often feature in job descriptions, but I think they were all true of Jay.

Even when he was busy he always had time to chat and catch up with his latest project and ask about what I’d been up to. Jay was one of those people you meet through work who you would like to get to know better. I left the BBC and our lives went separate ways, so sadly we never did.

Keith Ricketts